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What is Gift Catalogue?

From gift of school supplies to gift of clean water, World Vision India’s Gift Catalogue has a range of gifts to choose from. Yes, the catalogue is packed with gifts that bring hope to less privileged children and families.

What’s special about these gifts is that they are chosen by our staff, after carefully considering the needs of people and children living in the communities.

To ensure that no one misses out on this unique opportunity, there are also crowd-funding gifts, wherein you can gift according to your ability. Other donors like you will add to it, until the need amount is completed.

You wouldn’t find gifts better and more meaningful than these!

Notebooks and School Supplies
Education Support

Basic school essentials like notebooks and school supplies are hard to come by for thousands of children across the country.



₹5,000 Gift Amount

15 Supporters

Orphans & Widows Fund

Orphans and Widows Fund will keep orphaned children and widows from slipping into financial crisis or emotional distress.



₹24,000 Gift Amount

3 Supporters

Girls & Women in Crisis Fund
Education Support

Girls and women are subjected to different kinds of abuse and violence.



₹8,000 Gift Amount

4 Supporters

Blankets & Sweaters

children and families in poverty are in need of blankets and sweaters to keep them warm.



₹30,000 Gift Amount

1 Supporter

Nutrition for Children

Your gift will help provide a food basket containing pulses and oifor five families in poverty.



₹6,300 Gift Amount

4 Supporters

Lactating Mothers

Your gift will help provide two mothers-to-be or lactating mothers with nutrition supplements.



₹3,600 Gift Amount

4 Supporters


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