Nursing to Self-Reliance


Vinita was destined tofollow her parents life: get married early and slog out in the paddy field allher life, like most folks from her village. But destiny took a sharp turn.Instead of getting married, Vinita went to Lucknow and attended Auxiliary Nurseand Midwife (ANM) course for two years.

Before the training, myparents were planning to get me married. I was 17 years old then. At that timeWorld Vision India staff talked to my parents and told them they would send mefor a nurse training, says Vinita.

After completing the course, Vinita came backto Lalitpur and started working in a childrens hospital. My happiest day atwork was when a weak baby was brought to the hospital and we could help. He wasbleeding from his nose and mouth.

His parents had given uphope of saving him. We tried so much and were able to save his life. Now thebaby is 5 years old. It gives me so much pleasure to realise that he survivedbecause of our efforts, says Vinita, in her white lab coat.

Vinita is the first in thefamily to go to college. Today I have become a nurse. World Vision India hashelped me a lot, spent a lot of money on my education and for that I am verygrateful she says.

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